Monster Makeover


In 2011, Elytronic was commissioned to deliver an elaborate automation project for a family home in Cyprus. The planning stage alone took almost two years, with multiple revisions until the end of 2013; such was the scope of the project. The size of the house is generous, over 2000m², and was to include over 25 unconnected systems, that needed integrating to make this family home work seamlessly. With the design finalised, the project was delivered in 2015.

Our aim was to make the automation as easy and user friendly as possible,” comments Harris Epaminondas, Managing Director at Elytronic. “With such a large property you can get left with a lot of control panels and wiring which we tried to eliminate throughout the project. This way, the homeowner is left with clean, tidy walls meaning that the technology is as invisible as possible.”

Elytronic worked with Crestron to specify an automation system that would give the family total control of their AV, security and building control system using discreet fittings and devices. The lighting part of the project alone was substantial, and required the control of over 300 circuits plus 80 blinds and curtains – which would otherwise require 400 switches. Using Crestron control, Elytronic created a fully integrated lighting system with just 60 keypads and 20 touchscreens for the entire property.

In addition to the lighting control, this significant project included; distributed audio and video with 4K support, landscape audio system, home cinema room, security system, fire alarm system, SIP intercom system, air conditioning, central heating, multiple door and gate control, and indoor and outdoor pool integration. What impressed judges the most was that Elytronic created a control system using just 12km of cabling, 20 touchscreens and 16 remote controls – which for a project on this scale is remarkable.

With the original brief in mind, Elytronic created a user-friendly system with minimal disruption to the aesthetic of the home. Two kinds of devices control the home – touchscreen and keypads – both by Crestron, meaning the homeowner only needs to interact with one simple interface for all systems. The walls in the residence only have two controls in each room, the touchscreen and keypad, with no visible thermostats, switches, intercoms and so on, leaving them beautifully untainted.

Scooping the coveted Best Integrated Home prize at the 2016 Crestron Integration Awards this winning project ticked all the home owner’s objectives, who commented “I did not know this required so much work and so much labour. I am impressed”.



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