Crestron system is carefully selected for residential home for the elderly


Crestron software and touch screens control the environmental factors in the thirty one bedrooms and eighteen communal areas, ensuring that patient comfort and safety is always a top priority.

The CP3 unit, featuring the 3-series™ control engine, forms the core of the installation, providing total building management. Its high-speed, real-time multi-tasking capabilities mean that it can seamlessly run multiple programmes simultaneously. This exclusive programming architecture allowed Dx Electro bvba to develop and run device-specific programmes for AV, lighting, HVAC and more.

The thirty nine TPMC-4SM touch panels were installed at the door to each room, allowing the nursing staff to control the heating, ventilation and lighting as well as monitoring each room’s cleaning schedule and the care needs of the occupant.

The touch panel also features the name of the rooms occupant, making sure that medication is given out correctly, and the residents are also able to report whether they are awake or sleeping so that nurses do not disturb them. The built in proximity sensors are always ready for use and the pre labelled buttons, designed for room scheduling, make the touch panel very simple to navigate. Monitoring the cleaning schedule of each room becomes much easier by keeping track of the maintenance cycle of the room and where the cleaners are within the building. This is achieved by the checking in systems when they arrive at a resident’s room, creating a visual status of the room on the corresponding touch panel outside.

Each room has individual settings which can be controlled from the Crestron system, for example, the heating system will shut down if the windows are open. When a resident is not occupying their room, the room will switch to the OFF mode, shutting down the heating. Adjustable lighting in each room can be set by a timer, and temperature can be controlled in three settings- day, night and comfort – saving energy and running costs as well as making the rooms more comfortable for residents.

The lighting and blinds in the eighteen service rooms, such as the bathrooms and laundry rooms, are configured to four different pre-settings – morning, day, evening and night. These can be controlled by the head nurse. The head nurse can also turn off all of the televisions at a set time in the evening, saving energy, preventing fires and for resident comfort. The televisions can then be turned on to a standby mode in the morning.

“I received great feedback from all parties involved in the project,” says Xavier Derille at DX Electro. “The Crestron system was easy to use and works seamlessly with the other technology installed in the building including, the sliding doors, telephone system, electric locks and fire alarms.”

Safety is a key area of concern for Hof Ter Linden, and override actions are available to nurses to prevent residents from harming themselves. The head nurse is also able to access all of the system data via an access code to adjust care schedules of residents as well as adjusting the heating. For example, be warmer during the day for bedridden residents and cooler for patients with dementia, as they spend the day in a communal lounge, and not alone in their rooms. However, the head nurse is able to override this if a resident is unwell and unable to leave their room on that particular day. In that instance, the smiley face on the touch panel outside of the resident’s room would appear green, signally that they are unwell. The Crestron system also warns if there is a ventilation failure, if ventilation filters need changing or if they are at risk of overvoltage. These extra features mean that the safety of the residents is constantly being monitored.

The interactive user manual allows staff to test all of the functions without disturbing the state of the rooms. “Having a Crestron system in my own home meant I knew it would be able to handle the requirements of Hof Ter Linden residential home,” says Mr. Ramen Robrecht, Director at Hof Ter Linden. “We are very pleased with the results and it means that we can be much more efficient when it comes to our care schedules and the running of our facilities. The staff are able to log their activities onto the server and keep track of what tasks have already been completed.”

This project demonstrates how Crestron can be used very effectively in the healthcare sector. The use of integrated touch panels allows the staff at Hof Ter Linden to monitor the care of residents, the up keep of the building and control the lighting and heating – saving time, energy and the costs associated with having unused lights and heating left on.



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