Perfect to the Core with Crestron

London, England

A new top of the range fitness centre has opened in South Kensington, London. Created from the vision of Jason de Savary, Core Collective takes the expectations of a gym to a new level, incorporating a complete AV, lighting, heating, cooling and security system from Crestron, designed and installed by award-winning London based automation specialist, Knektd.

Just off Kensington High Street, the space offers a stunning fusion of contemporary design and technology, with top of the range Crestron automation solutions installed alongside the very best in today’s gym equipment.

With technology becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives, from smart phones and watches to wireless control of heating and home security, it only seems fitting that a gym should follow suit and embrace this new trend. This collaboration between high tech equipment and high tech automation has led to Core Collective become the UK’s first Crestron controlled gym.

The spinning room’s stunning ceiling feature rows of circular lights that pulsate and change with the tempo of the music, controlled by a touch screen or the instructor’s smartphone. The intuitive Crestron system also allows for sleeker transition between classes as set up is as simple as pressing a button on the touch screen and hitting play on the instructors chosen music source. This smooth set up for instructors allows quick access to personal play lists for the ultimate class customisation.

Within the studio, the space can be divided for separate sessions of Velocity and Resistance classes, or one larger class. Using wall partitions and the flexible Crestron system, the rooms can separate and have their own lighting scenes and audio tracks playing, creating a completely multifunctional space.

The new Core Collective Gym in South Kensington delivers an urban dream, with industrial concrete surfaces, alongside sleek gym equipment and Crestron automation solutions. By adding automation to the workout experience, you can enhance the momentum of a workout session with intensity building lighting and sound.


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