Exhibiting A Technical Spectacular In The World Of Rock and Roll


Challenge: To provide the Ragnarock museum in Copenhagen with a high quality control system in order to easily manipulate the lighting, which plays a key role in multiple interactive exhibits within the museum.

Solution: A Crestron CP3 3-Series Control System and DIN lighting control solution ensures museum staff can manage lighting scenes as well as enable features such as ‘wake up’ and ‘shut down’ the entire museum with a single button.

Roskilde City, west of Copenhagen, is renowned for its rich rock and roll music history. It seemed therefore fitting, that it was this city that launched one of the largest music festivals in Europe, the Roskilde Music Festival.

In honour of the continued success and popularity of the music festival, a museum with a twist, Ragnarock, has recently opened which features lighting control and automation from Crestron. As part of the regeneration of an old manufacturing site, to include new student housing, office space and educational facilities, the Ragnarock Museum was built to celebrate Danish pop, rock and youth culture.

Ragnarock Museum opened in April 2016 and has since been hailed for its innovative, state-of-the-art design and engaging nature of the venue. This achievement was aided by various contemporary technologies, including the Crestron CP3 3-Series Control System which plays a key role in making the space such a resounding success.

Curator of Ragnarock, Jacob Westergaard Madson, has previously spoken of the original idea which was to purely showcase a collection of rock memorabilia, much of which had been collected at Roskilde festival, as well as archive material from Danish broadcasters. However, upon the realisation that showcasing this information in the traditional way might end up getting lost amongst today’s contemporary culture, it was decided to focus more on the importance of making the museum cutting edge, innovative and engaging to its audience.

“AV was always going to be a very important part of this museum because music is about sound and rock and roll has been filmed since its advent,” explains Jacob. “We had to make an exhibition that was engaging and fun as well as participatory.”

Visitors even have the opportunity to interact with the museum environment. Using controllers and touch panels, visitors can actively engage with each exhibit, testing out and playing with 1960’s popular psychedelic lighting.

The lighting for all exhibitions, showcasing priceless rock’n’roll memorabilia is controlled seamlessly by the Crestron DIN lighting control solution installed. Thanks to the new system, specific lighting scenes can be set, and the Crestron system also delivers the functionality to wake up and shut down the entire collection at the touch of a button.

The idea behind the museum was to effectively communicate the development of youth culture told by the sound, images and symbols of rock and pop music. The museum innovatively identifies its rock and roll focus instantly with its striking building design. The façade is adorned with large iconic gold studs that contrast with the deep red entrance hall that makes use of the same shapes. This effortlessly communicates with the audience and establishes an immediate rock and roll atmosphere. Mirrored corridors, interactive games, innovative projections and a scream’o’meter (allowing visitors to test their lungs and get a rating for the best group scream they can muster), are just a selection of the imaginative features and installations on offer within the museum itself.

At night, a truly memorable visitor experience is offered through the use of the permanent lighting show that continually gives the building new appearances by cleverly lighting different parts of the triangular sides of the studs.

Ragnarock, along with the cutting edge technologies in place from Crestron, succeeds in creating a stunning example of how museums can offer a modern and engaging visitor experience, perfectly in line with today’s technology enthused culture.


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